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Unexpected Surprise


The male nurse nods, backing away and leaving the room with the female nurse. They go off to get everything ready for Sehun, prepping the room for the C-section. Rushing to get everything ready, a doctor get scrubs on and washes up. They sanitize they tools they would use, placing them on a tray for the doctors.

Sehun’s eyes begin to droop, his movements sluggish as he tries to strip. His vision begins to blur, fighting to stay awake as the other puts on the gown. “m-minmin” he reaches blindly for the other, wanting to hold his hand. He waits for the other to finish getting dressed, hoping he could hear him. “H-Hold my hand?” he askes weakly, fear coming back to his voice.

He started stripping the other’s clothes off him so he can put the hospital gown on the other’s body, slipping the shirt off and his pants, leaving his fiance with only his boxers. He grabbed the hospital gown from his side, smiling at the other and slipped the hospital gown on, pecking his lips lightly and placed him on the bed, laying him down and pulled the sheets over his shoulders, humming softly. 

He grabbed the scrubs the he will put from the bed where his fiance was lying down on. Walking towards the door and closed it for a moment so he can put the scrubs on. Not making to go to the bathroom to change so he can keep an eye on the other. He smiled at him when he was slipping the scrubs on, unlocking the door again after, walking towards him when he heard what the other said— almost whispering it. He held the other’s hand, intertwining his fingers together to gesture him that he was by his side, running his fingers through the other’s hair again, he smiled, sitting on the edge of the bed. “I’m here, Hunnie. Don’t be scared.” he mumbled under his breath, leaning down to kiss his fiance’s forehead. “I love you.”

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"A demon will always be a demon."

He said to himself like it was some kind of mantra. It is true, he himself was aware that he was a demon— from birth. Born from high-level demon parents, Zitao was the only son and heir of their clan. Even if he has a sibling, he would still be the one that would be leading his clan in the future. He can’t escape it. He was already destined to lead the clan one way or another.

Living in a quite boring life (well that was what he prefers to call it even though the other demons will do anything and everything to be on his spot), he began to be curious of the human race- living above from where he was, his home. Being a curious individual, he began to study and observe the humans by occasionally going up from the Underworld to the human world that wasn’t really allowed (he wasn’t really allowed to go out of their villa).

He had been there a few times but the first time he went up got him really interested. Hiding from the humans while lurking in the shadows, Zitao found himself wondering what and how important emotions for humans were. The way he saw them being happy, sad, and even— in love. That feeling wasn’t really understood by Zitao clearly. Why? Because humans risk everything— even their lives just because of the said emotion, love.

And because of that, Zitao approached his parents about his agenda, him living with the humans that his parents refused. His parents wouldn’t allow their son, the only heir of their clan, to live with the humans. But being a stubborn demon and son to his parents, he made a deal to his parents that they surprisingly approved. It was not to get involved with any humans or any creatures emotionally.

He nodded his head a few times, not really listening to what they were actually saying because he was really excited that his parents let him do what he wanted.

But did he really obeyed what his parents said? No, he didn’t— unconsciously. He fell for someone. Hard. But what did it do to him? It hurt him. A lot. It hurt him so much that he wanted to go back to the Underworld and stay there for good but there was something that preventing him to go back. What was it? He didn’t know to himself as well. So, can you help him realize what it was? 

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Wow I finally see you on my dash! Where have you been? I miss seeing you around even though we don't talk much.

Uhm who are you? Are you Areum? Sorry about that. It seems I went on an unplanned hiatus. I’ll be active soon. Don’t worry.

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tumblr deactivated my account i think or someone idk im sad -areum


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Unexpected Surprise


Sehun calmed a little when the male nurse backs off, allowing them to approach a bed in the room. The female nurse told the male to go get the doctor and the things they would need to prep the patient, smiling gently at them.  The male does as he is told, bring back a needle with clear liquid inside before talking to the female. “This should help with the pain while not slowing down the labor” She approaches the couple with the needle, knowing this probably wasn’t going to go well with the look in Sehun’s eyes.

Sehun buries his face into the other’s neck, trying to relax for the nurse as she approaches. He knew he needed the medicine, the pain getting too much to handle. He feels a small prick into his back, the liquid going to his blood stream quickly. Sehun looks up at the other, feeling the affects of the medicine already. His eyes begin to droop, body relaxing in the other’s hold. The male nurse approaches, holding out a hospital gown and a pair of scrubs for the male. “He is going to be unconscious in a few minutes due to the medicine, we need him in the gown and you in the scrubs if you want to go into the operating room with him” 

He let out a soft sigh after the other calmed down even if it’s only a little, approaching the bed and sat on the edge of it and placed the other on his lap, facing him and pecked his lips lightly. When the male nurse went out and back at the room while holding a syringe with a clear liquid, knowing that the liquid was the anesthetic that would make the pain lessen and make the other drowsy. He smiled at the female nurse as she approached them, pulling the other’s shirt up so the nurse would prick the needle on the other’s back. He looked at the other, caressing his cheek with his thumb, knowing that the other was still scared of the situation. He can see it in his eyes.

He rubbed the other’s back gently after the nurse finished her work, rocking the other back and forth when he slumped onto him and stopped when the male nurse approached them while holding the hospital gown and scrubs for himself. He took the clothes and placed it on the bed besides him before he looked at the male, nodding his head in response. “Alright. Can I please be the one to change my fiance so he won’t be scared?” he asked as he gave the male nurse a pleading smile just like what he gave to the female nurse, rubbing the other’s back gently again.

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Unexpected Surprise


Sehun gasps for air as the pain subsides, resting against the other’s shoulder as he hears Xiumin talking to the nurse. He tries to relax as the pain stays away for awhile, listening around him. His wolf ears twitch with each noise, tail still flat against his leg since he knew the pain would return. Breathing slowly, Sehun opens his eyes to look around.

The waiting area is filled with only a few people, most waiting on loved ones inside the rooms. A nurse stands in front of him and Xiumin, asking a few questions as she leads them to the back area to get them in a room. He tries to listen to the female, not able to focus well enough to hear the words flying from her mouth as a male nurse comes in to take Sehun from the other’s arms. Sehun whimpers, clinging tightly to the other, not wanting to be taken from him. “M-Minmin”

He talked to the nurse that came rushing to them, telling her about the other’s condition and what happened to him before they went to the hospital, still staying calm so the other would relax in his arms. They were inside the hospital when the other opened his eyes, glancing down at him and smiled before he looked back at the nurse, nodding his head as he was listening to what she was saying.

He followed the nurse as she led them towards a room so the other can lay down, he was about to hand the other to the male nurse when he clung in his shirt tightly to his shirt, looking down at him and smiled at him when he called his name, he knew that the other won’t separate from his arms. He looked back at the female nurse, clearing his throat before he talked. “Can I hold him instead?” he asked as he held the other tight, not wanting to separate from the other as well. He gave the nurse a pleading smile before he focused back at the other, brushing the hair off his face and placed a light kiss on the other’s forehead, wiping his tears off his cheeks after. “Don’t be scared, okay?”

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